Fanous ~ by C.I.Santaella (draft)©

FANOUS_LOGO_vector1   ©

Oval Office, Washington D.C , August 1971


Richard Nixon (RN) – ….Are you sure we have to go ahead with this. ?


David Kennedy (Secretary of the Treasury) (DK) – …Mr. President…. it’s the only way for us to protect our currency, treasury stability and our GOLD reserves, and keep our trade advantage with the Asians and specially the Europeans…


(RN) – and those pedant Chinese… But this would change the whole world as we know it today….(RN remained pensive for a short while)…. you know what, so be it…It’s for the best of our country….the hell with the rest of the world, let’s them catch up with us…

I don’t want to be the mouse in this hunt…


(RN slowly leaned down on his desk and began signing the suspension of Bretton Woods Treaty)…it was a cloudy day…. Only SILENCE prevailed after RN finally signed the infamous document….)


A slight trace of a smile could be detected on DK´s face….!



Time Out ? Time Bomb?

Time out has meant, at least for the EU and partly the US, a simply kick the can down the twilight zone.  The joint monetary expansive/easing policies of un-elected central bankers, has been creating a razor’s edge social situation, as you clearly pointed out, whereas at any small incident (call it Cyprus, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Syria, NK) this twilight zone will finally collapse over the world’s REAL economic situation with an (unsurmounted & unimaginable & unpayable) national debts. Yes, it’s true, some Keynesians will insist that our debt is due to ourselves and in our own currency, so nothing to be scare off…really? Well, in my humble opinion, this is an absurd financial cannibalism theory. Now comes the real problem, who and how is going to STOP this nonsense? Most definitely not the politicians, who are simply accomplices of these un-elected central bankers, should be the People’s VOICES. Yes, the power of the people, and you know what, a lot of these peoples can care less about capitalism/democracy or so and so…been their main concern their own survival and of their dependents, takes what it takes. This is the result of Occupy Wall Street movement, for instance. This is the result of new Socialism movement of the XXI century. This is the result of the rebirth of the Tea Party movement and most recently; we will see the results of the Off-Shores financial paradise collapse…via their own SOS (sink off shores) movement.Who to blame? I will say, our own selves, the voters. Through our ballots, at least lately, we have been showing a complacence attitude on these politicians’ irresponsible acts; but you can start smelling dead rats all over…and you know what…Yes, this is a new kind of rat race…zombie rats…Run Forrest Run. But where?Image