Fanous ~ by C.I.Santaella (draft)©

FANOUS_LOGO_vector1   ©

Oval Office, Washington D.C , August 1971


Richard Nixon (RN) – ….Are you sure we have to go ahead with this. ?


David Kennedy (Secretary of the Treasury) (DK) – …Mr. President…. it’s the only way for us to protect our currency, treasury stability and our GOLD reserves, and keep our trade advantage with the Asians and specially the Europeans…


(RN) – and those pedant Chinese… But this would change the whole world as we know it today….(RN remained pensive for a short while)…. you know what, so be it…It’s for the best of our country….the hell with the rest of the world, let’s them catch up with us…

I don’t want to be the mouse in this hunt…


(RN slowly leaned down on his desk and began signing the suspension of Bretton Woods Treaty)…it was a cloudy day…. Only SILENCE prevailed after RN finally signed the infamous document….)


A slight trace of a smile could be detected on DK´s face….!



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